Feedback from our workshops

Ralph has a phenomenal intellect that he uses to make his clients’ transition to success a delightful journey of self empowerment. Both intuitive and pragmatic, he is able to create reality from the most innovative blue sky ideas.

John Fielder

Thought provoking three days which challenged my thinking about myself.”

Marion Stout

A peaceful exploration of who I am and where I am going.

Les Morgan

Enlightening programme, addressed  personal  Journey and goals in safe, positive, supportive environment.

Sue Nutbrown

A stimulating exercise, thought provoking and  reawakening of self awareness and the importance of people in any successful organisation.

David Ryan

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Peak performance

Coaching for individual performance, career issues and skills development has always been a major part of my work. I tend to be interventionist – offering expertise and a range of options to individuals to help them develop at as fast a pace as practical. Results are seen in tangible actions such as career moves, promotions and increased skills.



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My coaching philosophy is to focus on the individual and their unique approach to work and life. Coaching is about helping them achieve their own potential through their innate wisdom and knowledge, recognising that they can choose to do so or not.

I use psychometrics such as the MBTI, Elements and my own questionnaires to help them understand themselves in comparison with others. Essentially the process is to focus on their goals – what they want to happen – and then establish their strengths before we move on to development needs and specific action steps. Empathy

and understanding are critical and these are qualities I possess.

Besides one to one coaching I work with Business Challenge Groups (Action Learning) with 5- 7 people. In these groups people discuss their business challenges and learn from coaching each other and from specific learning targeted for their own development needs.

Focus is on  individuals

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Ralph has an effortless warmth which draws people to him. This inspires great loyalty among his colleagues and also has a profound effect in his work with groups. He has a quiet conviction in what he does, and a generosity of spirit which makes him inspiring as a coach and as a colleague.

Phil Lowe