change, strategy and goal setting, performance management and people skills. He designs and delivers individual, tailor-made programmes to develop these competencies.

Methods used include skills training, behavoural feedback, psychometrics, coaching, action learning and facilitating business meetings.

Benefits are bottom-line efficiencies, innovation, time savings, work-life balance, better team working, clearer business goals and individual motivation.

Ralph’s experience is international within a wide variety of sectors and organisations and at all levels. He is an author of a number of

internationally respected books.

What people have said about Ralph:

Ralph Lewis works with clients to discover and

design solutions which fit their own unique

situations and which lead to practical actions.

He assists them to reconnect with the drive and ambitions which had helped their organisations to strive towards  achieving their full potential as well as ensuring that both management and employees benefit from these solutions.

Ralph, an accredited Learning Facilitator/Programme Director at London Business School, helps people lead from their strengths to

perform their best. His focus is on people and

organisations which need better leadership to

implement business strategies and improve


Leadership competencies include managing

Designing unique solutions

Ralph Lewis

Clients include:

Financial Sector Goldman Sachs, Barclays Bank, Aegon Insurance, Dresdner Kleinwort, Credit Agricole (France).

IT and Communications Memorex, BT, EMC, Unisys, Honeywell Bull.

Pharmaceuticals GSK, Eli Lily, AstraZeneca,

Other Unilever, BDS, Danone.

Central Government Departments DfID, coaching with the Treasury, Parliament.

Services NHS, British Council, Whitehall in Industry Group, Top Management Programme, Benefits Agency, Swindon County Council.

Ralph was the lead external partner with me on the design and delivery of an extremely successful global leadership programme within the IS function of a major multi-national.

He came highly recommended yet my (high) expectations were surpassed. He bought deep experience and subject matter expertise in the field of leadership, credibility with very bright participants, insight, humour, warmth, expert facilitation, flexibility, incredible relationship building skills and the gravitas necessary to win the confidence and support of an initially sceptical executive team who were won round to give the programme strong support and sponsorship.

The programme originally intended for 60 leaders in three countries was such a success and demand for it so strong that over 200 leaders in over 20 countries participated. Although this was success was down to the team as a whole, Ralph was very much the lynchpin of this team.

Peter Bradfield

We hired Ralph to create and lead a development programme called "Passion for Value" for over 200 IT/IS leaders based across three countries that supported the new vision. Ralph introduced me to "Now Discover Your Strengths" and whole number of techniques for developing leaders, for which I will be forever grateful. Simply put, Ralph loves people, and has unlimited time for them and matches this with researching into ideas and models that can help people. This is a great combination... I highly recommend Ralph.

Will Sudworth

One of the most influential change consultants I have had the good fortune to meet.

Jon Lawton


"Do those served grow as

persons; do they, while

being served, become

healthier, wiser, freer,

more autonomous, more

likely themselves to become


And what is the effect on the least privileged in society; will they benefit or, at least, not be further deprived ?”

Robert Greenleaf

copyright Ralph Lewis 2009

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Ralph Lewis helps people to get better at what they do and to achieve their goals. His focus is on people and organisations that need better leadership to improve performance. He designs and delivers programmes to develop leadership competencies. These include managing change, strategy and goal setting, performance management and people skills. 

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