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Forward thinking

Good leaders are not born, nor do they achieve their status from having it thrust upon them. They learn their skills from the moment they step on the first rung of their ladder and they never give up learning. Good leaders respect others of lesser ability or intellect because they know that each individual has potential and can teach them how to move mountains or achieve success.

Servant-Leadership, simply put, is about serving your people as well as leading them, ensuring they have all the resources they need to do a great job.

Leading from a place of

passion and purpose, for something you strongly believe in… something bigger than ‘self’. It is as much about who you are as a leader as it is about what you do.

Terri McNerney ( and Ralph Lewis have been Trustees of Greenleaf Centre for Servant-Leadership in the UK for the past 10 years and, over that time, have seen the ideas and practices of Servant-Leadership grow in the UK.

In the current turbulent financial climate the philosophy of leading in service of something greater than ‘self’ is more relevant than ever. 

Our one day workshop is a mixture of sharing and inquiry into the philosophy of Servant-Leadership, exploring questions such as:

    What is Servant-Leadership?


   How relevant is it to today's Leaders? 

    How relevant is it to today's Organisations? 

    Where does it work? 

    How does it work? 

    What is required for it to work? 

    Where are you on your journey as a leader?

    Is Servant-Leadership for you? 

    And any other questions you bring along. 

Servant-Leadership and its value



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Leadership for Business Effectiveness

This is the major part of my portfolio – and the one with which I have the most fun! Some examples of sectors in which I work include:

Consumer: Working with the Graduate Management trainees of international consumer organisations, I delivered a Business Education Programme involving leadership, motivation, teamwork and stress management. I designed and delivered a major education programme, spanning three years, and linked to academic qualifications.

Finance: I have worked with major merchant and investment banks in the City of London and also in France. Specific areas have been leadership development and organisational effectiveness at all levels.

UK Government and NHS: I have run programmes for Social Services team leaders, taught Civil Service staff and worked with the Benefits Agency. I have had assignments for the British Council in Burma and Nigeria. NHS programmes have included Innovation Leadership and Performance Management.

IT: A major focus. Programmes and workshops include developing innovative leadership for international managers for a French company to long term relationships with other organisations.  In the first case I worked closely with the Board to develop and deliver management development from Board to field engineer level. For a storage company the focus was on Leadership Programmes for field engineers and managers. Courses include People Skills, Assertiveness, Leadership, Assessment Centres, Stress and Time Management, Problem-Solving and Decision Making, Problem-Solving, Communication skills  and Customer Relationship Management. I have run Career Development Programmes for a major software supplier.

Open Leadership Programmes: I have been Programme Director and have coached on leadership programmes at Cranfield and Henley Schools of Management and also at Cambridge Management Centres where I was Course Director for over ten years on the Looking at Leadership and Looking at Strategic Leadership programmes.

Pharmaceutical: I co-designed and delivered international leadership programme for the top 500 managers over a three years post merger period. The focus was on integration and solving business challenges. With the same company I have continued with a Developing Leaders Programme for high-flyers and workshops on coaching, teambuilding and delivering performance.

Retail: I developed and ran Leadership Development Programmes for a major retailer following a takeover – from Board to Store Manager levels – focusing on culture change and leadership effectiveness

Leadership workshops also include:

The Leadership Advantage – Becoming the Best Leader You Can Be

Face to Face Leadership – Transforming Relationship.

Ralph is a superb coach, has a brilliant mind and brings a deep perspective to any work he undertakes. He is, without doubt, one of the very best developers of others I have ever met. He continues to influence at the most senior levels in organisations and knows how to get the most from the latent potential that lies within most people.

Derek Wood, Owner,

London Centre For Leadership  

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