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This is a four-day workshop covering a range of communication skills with the purpose of building confidence and focus in dealing with others.

This is an intensive programme which will focus on the specific needs of each participant. A wide variety of exercises, questionnaires and practice

sessions will be used. One-to-one coaching will be part of this. Specific objectives will depend on the needs of each participant, but these will include:

    Building confidence in dealing with others

    Understanding your patterns of interaction with others and your needs

    Looking at your communication style

Building on listening skills

    Using facilitation skills positively

    Using assertiveness techniques such as:

Getting key points across

Focusing on key messages

Dealing with criticism

Giving and receiving praise

Saying no

    Dealing with conflict

    Using body language effectively

    Setting clear and achievable goals in:

Work Relationships

Communication Skills Development


Why focus on people?

Research carried out by the Institute of Personnel and Development in 1999 found that, within medium-sized manufacturing companies, people management is vastly more important than other elements of management. It also had an impact on profits and productivity

The IPD concluded: "The findings underline the general message that it is how companies manage their employees that is crucial to business success."

The research addressed four issues. 

1 Job satisfaction alone can raise profits

        by 5 per cent.

2 "Organisational culture" is a guide to

        company performance.  It can

        account for 10 per cent of the

        variation in profits between different


3 The people-management policies which made most difference to results were giving workers shop floor responsibility – and skill development. 

4 People policies can explain nearly a fifth of the variation in profitability and productivity, compared with 2% for strategy, 1% for quality drives, 1% for new technology and 8% for R&D.

Ralph Lewis Associates designs tailor-made course to help companies to maximise their profit potential while ensuring that staff share in the enthusiasm and benefits that a change in leadership direction can bring.

He works with your company, your needs and your team to ensure that the courses he devises are the right ones to take your company to where you want to go and to ensure that your staff support you throughout the journey.



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Value of skills

Communication, planning, productivity and creativity are the core skills needed for good leadership as well as job satisfaction. Ralph has developed globally renown courses to improve people’s work and personal skills.

Courses include: Assertiveness and Assertiveness Influencing Skills; Communicating Confidently; Time Management and Stress Management.

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